Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Processed Sweet Potatoes from George Foods

Sweet Potato 'Sticks'George Wooten’s newest venture is George Foods. Located in a newly renovated, 95,000 square-foot, food-grade facility in Pembroke, NC, George Foods is processing fresh and frozen sweet potato products to meet the growing consumer demand for more convenience. During its first year of production, George Foods shipped nearly 3 million pounds of fresh-cut sweet potatoes to customers around the country. 

Named after his father, George, the firm processes nearly 15 different products. Among the best-sellers are sticks, diced cubes, cubes, slabs, crinkle-cut slabs, and whole peeled sweet potatoes. These products are available in 3- and 5-pound foodservice bags and are vacuum-packed, depending on customer needs.  

Fresh sweet potato puree is another product that is processed here. Chefs use puree in many different recipes including sweet potato pies, soups and breads.  Puree comes packed in 4 gallon (30 pound) pails or in 55 gallon drums with liners.  Both chilled and frozen versions are available. 


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