Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wayne E. Bailey Produce Company Product Line

Wayne E. Bailey Produce (WEB) provides sweet potatoes for retail, foodservice, fresh cut, processing, and international markets around the world. Whatever your needs, we are committed to providing you with great sweet potatoes and outstanding service. 


WEB uses advanced industry technology to provide foodservice reliability with accurately sized, high-quality sweet potatoes. We offer a wide variety of choices to restaurant and institutional food suppliers—ranging from the jumbo 25-count for institutional use and 30-35 count for restaurants, all the way up to 200-count for those who use smaller sweet potatoes. The company offers a multiple process grade of sweet potatoes that help food service customers develop French fries, cole slaw, hash browns, chips, and diced, sliced and cubed products.

George Wooten, president and owner of Wayne E. Bailey Produce Co. reports that foodservice demand for sweet potatoes is climbing. Supermarkets can build on this by remembering that consumers often discover something they like eating in a restaurant. So they tend to shop for type of item the next time they go to the grocery store.

Wooten sees foodservice as one of the biggest outlets for sweet potatoes. Restaurants are more and more often including sweet potatoes on their menus.  “I think the future looks good. Consumers want something healthy that tastes good, that tastes like what mom used to make, and sweet potatoes do!” says Wooten.


The firm's high-visibility boxes that promote the health benefits of sweet potatoes provide the consumer with plenty of reasons to by sweet potatoes. Wayne E. Bailey Produce provides various labels and packs , such as "PlayBoy" and "Nutritional All Stars" in 3- and 5-pound consumer bags and 10-pound holiday boxes. The company can supply retailers with multiple merchandising ideas such as bulk packs and consumer bags. In addition, they also sell microwavable sweet potatoes in 20 lb. boxes.  

Processed and Fresh Cut Sweet Potatoes

Sticks, fries, chips, cubes, shreds, puree and whole peeled sweet potatoes are available from George Foods, Inc., the newest venture from George Wooten. Shreds work well in mixes for slaw and stir-fry dishes for foodservice operators.

Sweet potato sticks are a good substitute for potatoes on salad bars, plus cubes and chunks could be sold to restaurants that need them for pies and other dishes.

Puree is used by chefs in sweet potato pies and as bases in soups.


WEB sells processed grades of sweet potatoes to canneries. We also ship sweet potatoes to manufacturers of chips, baby foods and to dehydrated plants. Wooten foresees selling dehydrated sweet potatoes in the future.


WEB has been selling sweet potatoes internationally for well over a dozen years. The company has had an excellent reception for its products in Europe and eastern Canada and has been shipping 6-kilo containers of sweet potatoes to London and Puerto Rico.  They expect to increase their off-shore business in the future because these markets have been expanding over the last few years. 

Some countries including the United States, have become year-round consumers sweet potatoes.


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