Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Grow your own sweet potato vine!



Growing a lovely houseplant from a common sweet potato straight from the grocery cart is tons of fun for kids.

Ask an adult to help you and share in the fun as the gnarly spud sprout purplish-green leaves. If you're lucky, your plant may produce some lilac-colored blossoms!

So are you ready?

Step 1
Choose a firm sweet potato.

Step 2
Using four toothpicks, suspend the vegetable on the rim of a glass jar  Make sure the bottom half - the pointed end - is under water.

Step 3
Place in a sunny spot, change or add water as needed.  In a few days, roots will form below the water.

Step 4
Three weeks later, leaves and stems will sprout from the top. Continue to grow the plant in water.

Step 5
After a month or two, pot the sweet potato in a houseplant potting mix. Keep the soil moist.

Step 6
The stems are weak, so tie it to a stake. Ask your parents to help you with this!

Step 7
Feed once a month with a fertilizer.

I gotta have a sweet potato...I gotta have a sweet potatoStep 8
As the vine grows, cut it back a few inches to force the plant to grow bushy.

Some varieties of sweet potato vines are so attractive, they're sold as ornamental foliage plants at garden centers. They're striking in window boxes and containers.

Bonus Alert!
If grown in a window box or container,some even produce delicious sweet potatoes.


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